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A Memorable Day at Simcha Island Shri G International Schools Visit
A Memorable Day at Simcha Island Shri G International Schools Visit

Over 500 enthusiastic students from Shri G International School took on a delightful adventure as they descended upon Simcha Island for a memorable picnic. Accompanied by the esteemed Principal, Mrs. Kavita Rode, the students’ day was filled with laughter, comradeship, and the joyous sounds of children partaking in various activities.

Highlights of the event-
● 500+ students attended the event
● 40 teachers supervised the students
● Assisted by 10 staff members
● Disco dance for students’ entertainment
● Food & drinks to enjoy at Yumcha

Saying goodbye to our young friends from Shri G International School made us think about how such trips can make lasting memories. It was a day where learning and fun came together, and we’re excited to welcome more schools to Simcha Island in the future.

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