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Simcha Park Welcomes the Gifted Guests!

On November 26, 2023, we had the honour of hosting some incredible guests who filled the Simcha grounds with laughter and giggles. Their visit was a testament to

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An Unforgettable Day of Adventure: Ratlam Public School’s Visit to Simcha

November 18, 2023, marked a thrilling chapter for 100 enthusiastic students from Ratlam Public School as they came on an unforgettable journey to Simcha Island.

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158 Students from Vidyodaya International School Make Waves at Simcha

Excitement buzzed as Simcha Adventure Park recently hosted the vibrant students of Vidyodaya International School on November 6, 2023. The young learners…

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An Adventure Wonderland

Every moment is frolicking at this adventure wonderland, from hopping, jumping, springing to rain dancing and running—every moment a new game, a new quest, with more than 60 activities. Everything you imagine in your Disney dream, like a giant swing, a toy trains, rope courses, and bungee is all here. To be lost in these wonders, explore more or simply come to us.


Ring the Wedding Bells

It is beautiful to celebrate the most awaited days of lives- in an environment that’s happy and bright. Imagine an adventure land, with cottages over-looking the river, surrounded in greenery and flowers. That’s exactly what we are. Simcha Island is spread over 30 acres of land- with green gardens, more than 90 cozy rooms, 7 preen and proper banquets, a spacious concert stage, lip-smacking delicacies and ornate décor with 5 floral lawns. Whether it’s an intimate event or a big fat Indian dream, you can always ring the bells with us. Here’s to a wedding straight from a book!


An Experience that will STAY

We are all looking for a stay to clean the crowded headspace. A visit that remains even when we leave that place. Just imagine a river flowing around a cottage, and you’re sipping on a cup of tea on a relaxing morning, too lazy to get out of the soft linens. And when you finally do, there is a universe of adventures waiting for you! Simcha Island is a dream come true, with more than 8 family rooms, more than 16 cottages and more than 90 rooms. To be on a perfect holiday, explore more with us.

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Exemplifying the Corporate Experience

You’ve been staring at those screens for too long, and maybe days are getting mundane at the office. We urge you to pause at short notice and hope in your best shoes. Run to us and indulge in a laudable team-building experience- with fun and laughter, and then work after. With our adventure wonderland, we also have non-mechanical activities to create value in your team, uplift your mood and fulfill your souls- nature walk, bird watching, stargazing, planting a tree, boating, cycling and the list goes on. Maybe this is what you were missing, try us!



Together in the Island of Adventures

Togetherness is an inexplicable feeling, the moments we hunt for. And once we get them, we want to make it big for our friends and families. We, too, want to make these moments count for you. Simcha Island offers a range of group packages, including fun activities! You’ll have memorable moments here, for none will skip a smile, laughter and thrill. To gather these moments of togetherness and thrill, with an adventurous drill-explore more with us, and reach out.


Food for Every Mood

Happy, excited, thrilled, and tizzy- dizzy! There are just so many moods when you spend time at Simcha. Each ride and activity gives you a different feeling! So for all these many-many moods, we have many-many foods for you. Whether it is street-styled snacks, cuisine varieties at an all-day long buffet, sizzly sizzlers or a proper wholesome meal, we have it all. You just need to gobble it up for a jiggly-wiggly feeling in the belly. Adventure, Eat, Repeat- and continue exploring here.


For Your Every Event

Planning an event is exciting, a grand adventure. So why not execute it in a wonderland. Whether a private affair or an official one- whether indoor or outdoor, Simcha provides all options to you. With more than 90 rooms with amenities, 17 cottages with balconies overlooking a river, 7 banquet halls, 3 restaurants for elaborate luncheons and galas, a big concert stage, and more than 60 activities to keep guests entertained- we can plan the best events. We are a Simcha family, and your guests are our guests. So for a splendid one! Explore here.

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