Sprawling Lawns to host all your grand events at Simcha

Symphony lawn with an area of 65,000 sq. ft. makes up a perfect venue to host your weddings and reception ceremonies. Our lush-green lawn & all the space have views that offer splendid natural scenery and fabulous decor arrangements. All wedding-related functions from Sangeet to the Reception can be hosted at Symphony Lawn comfortably.

Our in-house wedding decor specialists are always there to beautify your weddings—big or small, modern or traditional, trendy or old-school. Plan your events at Symphony, and we will ensure an exquisite setup and a memorable wedding affair.

Rain Dance

Dancing in the rain to beat the heat, some awesome foot-tapping music is selected to elevate your guests’ mood and the party. People of every age love rain dance; we offer varied rain dance setups where artificial rain and DJs are enough to amp up the fun.

Sonnet Lawn

Combining grandeur and modernity, the spacious Sonnet lawn with an area of 65,000 sq. ft. offer a luxurious experience to all your guests.

Serenade Lawn

Host any event with Serenade lawn having a vast area of 75,000 sq ft. Add to that impeccable service and a perfect team of managers who add a personal touch to your celebration—ideal for hosting cocktail parties, wedding receptions, social events, and pre-weddings.

Symphony Cottages

17 captivating cottages by the riverside provide a dreamy setting to a memorable event or any special occasion. Each SYMPHONY COTTAGE is designed to suit our visitors’ varied expectations and provide them with the value for the money they have spent.

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