Adventure park at Simcha

There is so much to do at Simcha that one day is not enough. A plethora of activities to choose from for thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, strength builders and endurance testers. Simcha is a place for all and it is all for one. Come experience the feeling of sheer happiness at Simcha Adventures, Central India’s destination of fun.

Trampoline Park

Jump HQ

Activities to get you EXCITED! With some jelly in your belly!

Spread over an area of 17,000 sq. ft., it boasts of 20+ exciting activities to get you jumping and hopping with excitement!

Over view: Freestyle Jump, High-Performance Wall, Dodge Ball, Ninja Course, Boss Slide, Wipes Out, Toddler Zone and many others.

Who can do it: The activities are suitable for all age groups, with proven mental and physical fitness.


Activities for an ADRENALINE RUSH! 

This zone includes all the racing activities to keep your heart pumping, skip a beat but never a moment and let you be adventurous!

Overview: Go kart Twin Seater, ATV ride, Mini Tractor, Pump Track, Peddle Kart, Hybrid Bike.

Who can do it: 2 years+,4 years+, 8 years+, 12 years+, 18 years+ activities.

VR Zone

Virtual Reality

To bring you near to a FANTASY that feels like a REALITY

Step into the virtual world,crossing the blurred lines of reality for the fantastic experience.

Overview: Be it roller coaster, beat saber, gun shooting, sword fighting or boxing get the real
experience in the virtual mode.

Who can do it:  9 years+

Giant Swing

High Rise

Activities where SKY IS THE LIMIT

Activities that will make you a little tizzy and a lot breezy. Where you’ll literally swing yourself to the sky, to see the world beneath.

Overview: Giant Swing, Low and High Rope Courses, Kids Bungee, Rocket Ejector, Hot Air Balloon.

Who can do it: 4 years+, 9 years+, 4-8 years, 12 years+ activities.

Army Obstacle


Activities where you CHALLENGE AND CONQUER

Be ready to test your mettle in a field full of obstacles! Ironically you’ll love all of them.

Overview:  Unstable Bridge, Beam Balance, Commando Walk, Rope Climbing, Parkour Steps, Tunnel Crawl, Zig Zig, Long Jump, Tyre Walk, Tyre& Net, Vertical Tyre Steps, Beam Balance

Who can do it: 4 years+ and 9 years+ activities.

Beach Volleyball

Champions Yard

Activities for the SPORTSMAN SPIRIT in you

Taking you back to your favourite outdoor games of all time. The ones that inspire the player within you!

Overview:  Cricket Bowling Machine, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Skate Boarding, Football, Badminton, Zorb Ball, Golie and Dart Board, Pro Golf

Who can do it: years+ and 9 years+ activities.


Activities for all JOYS and SMILES

A fun area for your kids! We are sure you won’t be able to stop yourself. Well! You can join them too!

Overview: Swing Sets, Open Gym, Sand Pits, Toy Train, Water Zorb, Water Zorb, Water Boats, Mini Aeroplane, Carousel, Micky-Monkey & Bee House.

Who can do it: 2 years+, 2-4 years, 4-8 years activities.

Golie and Dart Board


Activities for the EXTRA ADVENTUROUS element in you

A zone full of adventures, fun, and secretes with inflatable and exciting indoor games.

Who can do it: 2-4 years, 2-8 years, 9 years+ activities.

Relax Zone

Activities to LOOSEN up the STRESS and enjoy a comfortable ME TIME!

Overview-Body Massagers, Foot Massagers

Who can do it? – 9+ years

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