Central India's largest Trampoline Park

Spread over an area of 17,000 sq. ft. it boasts of 20+ exciting activities like Free Style Jump, High Performance Wall, Dodge Ball, Ninja Course, Boss Slide, Wipe Out, Toddler zone and many others to choose from. The activities are suitable for all age groups and medically proven to be an effective form of mental and physical fitness.

All the activities are a great combination of fun and fitness. Go crazy hopping at our large trampoline zone where you need not to worry about going out of space to jump.

Soft Play

Thoughtfully designed soft play area for your little packets of joy. Let them enjoy their happy times here, while you watch them being crazy.

Toddler zone

A fully equipped toddler zone with baby safe and toddler approved play activities. Your baby boo is sure to find his bundle of joy here.

Free style

A large free style area for those who want to jump, dive and play. Without any fear, you can enjoy your freestyle skills and go as crazy as you can.

Sticky wall

The most attention seeking wall for all age groups, bring out the child in you and enjoy jumping and sticking to the wall behind you.

Dodge ball

Who doesn’t love dodge ball? It gets 10 times better with trampoline as most of the fun happens in air, enjoy yourselves and jump high to avoid the ball.

Ninja course

Exclusively designed for kids, to bring out their inner “Ninja”. It has 12 different obstacle elements that are very challenging and fun.

Wipe out

Challenge your family and friends in wipe out and see who can last the longest. It is hilariously funny and great activity when played together.

Fidget ladder

Indulge yourself in this amazing sport with your kids. Fidget ladder is a fun way to encourage your balance, coordination and group support.

Trampoline jump

Come to Central India’s largest Trampoline Park and jump along with your friends and family, have fun and try amazing moves.

Bull ride

Everyone’s favorite bull ride is here to let you forget all your worries, and become a kid again. Enjoy this amazing stress buster only at Simcha.

High Performance Wall

Exclusive for trampoline experts where they can try all the crazy hopping tricks and techniques. A cluster of interconnected trampolines to make you forget all your woes and just have fun. 

Slam Dunk

Absolutely new and fun way of playing basketball, where you jump on the trampoline to throw the ball high into the basket.

Battle Beam

Challenge your friends in this fun battle where you will love falling in the foam pit we have designed for your safety.

Boss Slide

Slides are fun right? Throw yourselves hard on the ultimate foam pits after sliding through boss slide.

High Jump

Soar high in the sky, try every move you know and enjoy with your family and friends hopping around.

Ramp Walk

Balance yourself on the rope way if you can. But worry not, you are going to fall in foam pit, which makes it a safe activity at the same time.

Trapeze Jump

Viewing Deck

A comfortable space for parents and all those who want to sit and enjoy watching their loved ones having fun around.

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