Giving a new level to your adrenaline rush

Welcome to the world of happiness, Simcha Adventures has a lot of exciting activities to keep you engaged throughout the day. It has something for everyone, people of every age can come here and have unlimited fun.

This amazing destination boasts of some thrilling activity zones like Jump HQ, Torq, Battlefield, Rope Course, and Champions Yard. All these activities awaits you for a fun day full of entertainment and happiness.

Jump HQ

Spread over an area of 17,000 sq. ft. it boasts of 20+ exciting activities like Free Style Jump, High Performance Wall, Dodge Ball, Ninja Course, Boss Slide, Wipe Out, Toddler zone and many others to choose from. The activities are suitable for all age groups and medically proven to be an effective form of mental and physical fitness.


This zone includes all the racing activities to keep your heart pumping and let you be adventurous. Let the speed go high and embark on a memorable experience like no other. Get ready for the race of your life!


Be ready to test your mettle in field full of obstacles. Activities and games like unstable bridge, beam balance, commando walk, rope climbing, parkour steps, tunnel crawl are here to add the fun.

Champions Yard

Taking back to your favorite outdoor games of all time. Cricket, football, baseball, vollyball, skate boarding and many more.

Rope Course

Taking you to the new high of adventures. Simcha rope course gives you 16 obstacles challanges pre-fabricated, installed over high from ground, built on strong  poles using cables, ropes and joints.

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